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Updated: Aug 6



This elopement guide will go over all the things you need to know to elope in Acadia National Park! Acadia is one of my favorite locations to travel to and it's actually so so easy to elope in!


There are so many hiking trails around the park with beautiful backdrops of mountains and of course the Atlantic Ocean.

- Park Loop Road - Emery path, Gorge path and Carriage roads (free)

- Sand Beach, Thunder Hole and Otter Cliff - Start your hike at the Hulls Cove Visitors Center

- Cadillac Mountain

- Jordan Pond - Jordan Pond Nature Trail and the Jordan Pond Shore Trail

Food - Jordan Pond House

- Eagle Lake, Echo Lake, Hadlock Ponds, Seal Cove Pond, Bubble Pond

- Schoodic Point

- Sand Beach

- Precipice Trail - (free)

During the off season you can get into the park for free before opening hours... example, sunrise elopement!

During Hours / Price

Annual Pass $55 12 months / $55

Private Vehicle Pass $307 Days / $30

Motorcycle Pass $257 Days / $25

Pedestrian / Cyclist Pass $15 / 7 Days $15

Things you can do during your elopement

  1. Go hiking

  2. Boat ride

  3. Canoe or Kayak

  4. Stargaze

  5. Get breakfast at a local cafe

  6. Have a picnic

How do we elope in Acadia?

If it's just the two of you you will need a marriage license and two witnesses. I'm an officiant so I can officiate + sign your marriage license. If you will have 10 or more guests at your elopement you will need a permit from the park, which costs roughly $50. My best advice is to do the legal marriage license process in a local downhill or back home and just take photos at the park to make things easiest!

When should we elope?

June-Beginning of October tends to be the busiest times just like any other National Park. My recommendation is to have your elopement during the week instead of the weekend during high traffic times. Or schedule your elopement May-early June or end of October-November. The photos you see at the top were taken end of October and it was actually warm!

What if the weather is not great?

I've photographed weddings and elopements in all types of weather so it really doesn't matter to me. My best advice would be to prepare for anything because New England weather is so back and forth. One minute it will be down pouring and five minutes later it will be sunny! I always have a clear umbrella just in case it does rain!

I would avoid wearing long trains if you don't want a dirty dress. But I always tell my eloping couples that your dress will get dirty regardless and that's ok!

2 hours of coverage starts at $2000 travel included to Maine - 25% retainer and signed contract to book.

6+ Hours of Coverage Example:

  • 9am Breakfast + coffee at a local cafe

  • 10am Back to Airbnb to get ready for ceremony

  • 11am Ceremony at Sand Beach

  • 12pm Photos along the coast & a picnic lunch

  • 3:00pm Head back to Bar Harbor for a break, change of clothes, drinks, etc.

  • 4:00pm Kayak or Canoe ride on Bubble Pond

  • 6:00pm Photos at Bubble Pond + Bubble Rock

  • 7:00pm Head to Cadillac Mountain for sunset (adjust for sunset time)

  • 8:00pm Back to Airbnb for dessert and after-party

  • 9:00pm Head back out again for starry night photos

4 Hours of Coverage Example:

  • 3:00pm Meet at an Airbnb for a few getting ready photos and a first look outside

  • 4:00pm Head to the park for photos along the coast

  • 6:00pm Ceremony & sunset photos on Cadillac Mountain

  • 7:00pm Done

2 Hours of Coverage Example:

  • 6:00am Meet at Hulls Cover Visitor’s Center and walk along Park Loop Road for photos

  • 7:00am Ceremony & sunset photos at Otter Cliffs

  • 8:00am Done

Recommended Vendors:

Videographers: Cinematic Sammy

Flowers: Cottage Flowers or Floret (both up near Bar Harbor)

Helpful links:

How do we book you for photography?

Just head to my contact page and fill out a form or you can email me at when you're ready to start planning. If you're planning for a weekday there's no rush but if you would like a weekend date, let me know ASAP!

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