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Arizona offers a stunning array of locations for elopements, ranging from desert landscapes to mountain vistas. Here are some of the best locations to consider for an elopement in Arizona:

1. Sedona: Known for its red rock formations and stunning landscapes, Sedona provides a breathtaking backdrop for elopements. Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Red Rock State Park are popular spots for ceremonies.

2. Grand Canyon National Park: A world-famous natural wonder, the Grand Canyon offers unparalleled views and an awe-inspiring setting for an elopement. Consider areas like Lipan Point, Moran Point, or Grandeur Point.

3. Antelope Canyon: This slot canyon is famous for its unique light beams and swirling sandstone formations. It offers a magical and intimate setting for elopements. It is not park of Zion National Park but instead part of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation.

4. Horseshoe Bend National Military Park: Located near Page, this iconic bend in the Colorado River provides a stunning panoramic view that's perfect for elopements.

5. Joshua Tree National Park: Found in northwestern Arizona, this park is home to unique Joshua trees and offers a distinctive desert landscape.

6. Saguaro National Park: With its iconic saguaro cacti, this park is a beautiful desert setting, especially during sunset or sunrise. The park has an East and West side. You can view more info here on how to elope in Saguaro National Park!

  1. Chiricahua National Monument: Known as the "Wonderland of Rocks," this location offers striking rock formations and a more secluded elopement experience.

  2. Lake Powell: If you're looking for a water-centric elopement, Lake Powell offers gorgeous blue waters against a backdrop of red rock formations.

  3. Tonto Natural Bridge State Park: This park features one of the world's largest natural travertine bridges and offers a unique and picturesque setting.

  4. Superstition Mountains: These mountains offer a rugged desert landscape with stunning views and are located near Phoenix.

Remember that many of these locations may require permits for ceremonies. Also, consider the time of year for your elopement, as Arizona can experience extreme temperatures during certain seasons. Make sure to check with the local authorities, obtain any necessary permits, and plan ahead to ensure a smooth and memorable elopement experience.

When should we elope?

Soooo, I have been to Arizona during 2/4 seasons, Summer (July) and Fall (November) so here are my thoughts!

Fall - Probably one of my favorite times to visit Arizona, it's similar to Winter even into November it gets up to 75 during the day and is generally dry like Winter. There isn't much foliage in the desert but it's still a beautiful time.

Winter - Usually warmer places are better to visit during Winter. There are milder temperatures as well as dryer weather. While this is a great time to visit, just know that it's peak time so many other visitors will be around.

Summer - With temperatures getting up well past 100 degrees it's not an ideal time to visit. If you're set on Summer we can plan activities focused around sunset or sunrise!

Spring - The desert is a beautiful time to visit in the Spring. All the beautiful desert wildflowers will be blooming! One thing to be aware of is the hibernating animals/bugs that have been dormant over the Winter coming out for the sun! The cactus bloom is in May!

What if the weather is not great?

The only thing I would be worried about is hot temperatures. Hiking in Arizona can be very dangerous especially in Summer when temperatures can get above 100 degrees. I wouldn't worry about rain, it does rain in the desert with the highest rainfall month being August but other than that it's usually too dry!

How do we book you for photography?

Just head to my contact page and fill out a form or you can email me at when you're ready to start planning. If you're planning for a weekday there's no rush but if you would like a weekend date, let me know ASAP!

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