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North Conway Elopement | Hannah + Andrew



Hannah + Andrew's North Conway elopement story:

Hannah and Andrew ditched their big wedding plans and chose to have their North Conway elopement on top of Cathedral Ledge surrounded by friends and family. They had a beautiful ceremony topped off with bubbles, a champagne toast and cake!

When all their friends + family were on top of the ledge, Hannah met Andrew at the edge of the cliff to start the ceremony. It was a beautiful day and afterwards, family blew bubbles at them as they were walking back. They popped a champagne bottle and enjoyed a drink looking out into the mountains. From there we drove back down the auto-road to Echo Lake State Park to take some more photos there!

How to elope in Cathedral Ledge State Park:

Elopements can be booked from May 1st to Nov 1st. There are 2 time blocks available each day from sunrise to 11:30am and 12:30pm to sunset. A $100 event fee is required and the maximum capacity is 40 people. There are bathrooms at the bottom of the ledge and one at the top.

Email or call (603) 227-8745 for more info!

There is an auto toll road that you can access to drive up to the top of the ledge. It takes about a half hour to drive to the top so plan for that before your day. At the top there is a small trail that feeds off from Bryce trail which leads you to an opening overlooking Echo lake state park where elopements are typically held. If you're eloping with family/friends who may not be able to walk very far this is an accessible option.

Pets are permitted on the trail so you can bring your fur babies with you!

Best seasons to elope in Cathedral Ledge State Park:


You can elope on top of Cathedral ledge as soon as May. Spring is a beautiful time in New England as all the mountains turn to lush green. There may be a few people hiking Cathedral Ledge but Summer + Fall are more popular times of the year.


Let me just tell you that if you're planning on eloping at Cathedral ledge in the Summer on a weekend it will be PACKED!!! I always recommend trying to elope either during the week or at times during the day where foot traffic will be low, for example...sunrise or in the morning or evening. Just like any National Park, State Parks are public areas so it really doesn't matter if you have a reservation, there will always be people.


Fall is a beautiful time of year to elope in the White Mountains. The trees have exploded in vibrant colors and the air is a perfect temperature for eloping. Just like Summer, Fall is a popular time of year for leaf peepers. I recommend early morning or late evening!

How to follow Leave No Trace during your elopement:

Plan ahead + prepare. Pick up any waste you may have left and dispose of it properly. Keep on the trail as you're hiking and leave what you find. Respect wildlife and be mindful of others. Leave it better than you found it!

Hiking in Cathedral Ledge State Park:

Cathedral Ledge from Echo Lake:

Cathedral Ledge via Bryce Trail: it's a little steep at times and requires some scrambling (light rock climbing without a harness):

Cathedral Ledge via Whitehorse Trail:



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